This website contains different aspecs of my astro-hobby, from photography, spectroscopy, and making topographical models of the Moon and the planets. I hope you find some of it interesting.

The observatory

Vintage photons from outer space, from distant galaxies, millions of years old, are "served" at the Quantum Café Obervatory. It was built in 2007, and hosts a home made 10 inch Newtonian reflector with a home made computer controller that was made by a friend of mine. A spectrograph, CCD, and digital camera have been used with the telescope.

What is spectroscopy?

Hobby astronomers are now doing remarkably detailed spectroscopy, and you can do the same! Light can be viewed as electromagnetic waves, or as small quanta (packets) of energy called photons that travel with the speed of light. Spectroscopy is the separation of photons of different energy (and color), with the highest energy in the gamma-ray end of the spectrum, and the lowest energy in the radio range, and the rainbow of visible light is in between. "Ordinary spectroscopy" with ordinary telescopes uses gratings or prisms, and deal with energies from the infrared to the ultraviolet.

Spectroscopy is the cornerstone of astrophysics, read more about spectroscopy ...